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Arthur McCluskey Foundation is the new name for St Joseph & The Helpers Charity (UK) Limited which was established in the U.K in November 2004 by Arthur McCluskey and fellow directors. It was set up to help the people of Bosnia Herzegovina to rebuild their lives following the cruel Yugoslav war of ‘92 – ‘95 when over 100,000 people were killed and at least two million (half the population) were made homeless. We aim to relieve poverty and advance education whilst respecting varying religions and cultures.

The Women's Refuge in Medjugorje (called Mother Krispina) is in danger of closure with debts of over €4,000 in utility bills alone. As in other parts of the world, domestic abuse has increased so the facility is more important than ever.

Sr Leopoldina, the staff, women and children at the Refuge are very grateful for your help. In thanksgiving, they walked to the Blue Cross to plant a shrub close to Our Lady's Statue.

They had been praying a novena by the statue every evening and on the last day, they received our first donation. They cannot believe the goodness of Our Lord and His Blessed Mother - and our donors, of course.

Please click arthurmc.com/donate-now/ if you would like to support them. We hope that you enjoy the photographs of Sr Leopoldina using a pickaxe to plant the shrub amongst the rocks!

That shrub is in a holy place in thanksgiving to you for helping these women and children. Thank you for your kindness.
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PLEASE SHARE: MOTHER KRISPINA (Women’s Refuge, Medjugorje).

Supporting victims of domestic abuse. Caring for young girls through pregnancy and safe delivery. Saving lives of the unborn.

Arthur McCluskey Foundation has been asked if we can find some support so this Refuge can survive. Please read their leaflet to see the wonderful work they have been doing over the last 20 years - preventing terminations and enabling mothers to keep their babies or have them adopted.

Then came the pandemic. The past six months have been extremely difficult. Currently there are ten women and four children living in the community but the future looks extremely difficult and they are in danger of closure.

Fr Svet wrote to encourage our support and said: "Do what you can do and do it with the love of God for those who are most in need". Those words are for all of you who read this post.

Please donate at arthurmc.com/donate-now/ - choose “Women’s Refuge Medjugorje” from the dropbox. The Refuge team say “Every little drop in the Ocean of God’s love is precious”.

Every little donation that you can spare will help them survive. They need YOUR help! Thank you. Life is precious.

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“Let him who is without sin throw the first stone” - please watch this video showing the Cenacolo Community enacting a Gospel story. The 76 residents need support as without pilgrims to Medjugorje, they have no income. They depend on Divine Providence and need YOU. Please support by clicking on the link: arthurmc.com/donate-now/ ... See MoreSee Less

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Greetings! Please see the YouTube link below. I hope you can take time to enjoy the Marian Pilgrimages visit to the Cenacolo in Medjugorje. Danijela tells us all about the community of former addicts. They live a life of prayer, hard work and friendship and when Jesus is at the centre of their lives, they can recover. Many of you have heard testimonies from the young people about how they came through the darkness of sin and distance from God into the light of His Love and Forgiveness.

Danijela does not mention that the young boys and girls - almost 80 in number - are struggling due to the coronavirus and lack of pilgrims. That is because nobody knew about their problems until a priest in Medjugorje asked the Arthur McCluskey Foundation if we could help.

The community greatly appreciate our donors' generosity. They pray for them and take their petitions up Apparition Hill. If you could share a little of what you have with this community, that would be wonderful. These young people do amazing work on the hills around Medjugorje to make life easier for pilgrims. Most recently, they have spent a huge amount of time making the Blue Cross more accessible, even for wheelchairs. They do all this without recompense.

If you would like to help them in their hour of need, please donate at arthurmc.com/donate-now/. If you would like them to take your petitions to Apparition Hill, please send them to info@arthurmc.com. We send donations and a list for prayer/petitions each week. Please watch a video of thanks that the community sent - Cenacolo Thank You - and you will see their heartfelt appreciation.

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