A couple with their three children (aged 16, 10 & 5) lived in the father’s family home until two years ago, when both parents passed away.  His brother inherited the house, got married and then evicted the couple and their three children.

As they had nowhere to go, a cousin, MAV Lady in other story, felt sorry for them and offered to let them use her old family home, which is adjacent to her tiny house.  It was in very bad condition due to war damage which is why the government chose not to refurbish.

Since then, they live in two rooms on the ground floor – a living room, where the parents sleep and a bedroom for the three children.  There is no water in the house and they have no bathroom but they have use of the cousin‘s bathroom which is a separate house but nearby.

Neither parent has steady work but they do cleaning jobs and collect scrap iron or anything that might be useful or saleable.  The parents are very humble and do not ask for help.  With their cousin‘s support, they manage their meagre lives.

The following would greatly improve their situation: new windows and doors, making a bathroom out of a small room now being used for storage, water installation for bathroom and kitchen, and a new kitchen.  Cost estimate approximately €5,500.  Our share will be €2,750 as we split costs with Fr Slavko’s humanitarian aid organisation. 

The work has been completed and the family are happy and most grateful.