Mother and Seven Children

A father deserted his wife and seven children, two girls and five boys aged 5 to 19.  The father is a carpenter but he could not keep a permanent job due to his unreliability.  He occasionally sends some money to the family who really depend on friends and neighbours.  They have no welfare benefits whatever.  The eldest girl will soon finish school and hopes to find a job so she can help with family support. 

The whole family lives on the upper floor of their home in very cramped conditions.  They only have two bedrooms where they sleep on matresses on the floor as they have no beds.  The ground floor was used as a workshop by the father for his carpentry work.

The following would be of great help for the family: making two bedrooms for the children out of the workshop, furnishing all four bedrooms, repairing the damaged roof with new beams and gutters. Cost estimate approximately  €12,000.  Our share will be €6,000 as we split costs with Fr Slavko Barbaric’s Humanitarian Aid Association.   Our builder also fitted a new toilet and connected water and electricity.