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Arthur McCluskey Foundation want to raise funds to support Divita Miracles Prosthetic Limb Clinic in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina. Due to Covid-19, fundraising events have been cancelled resulting in a serious loss of funding. A limb is life changing for an amputee and needs regular maintenance.

Our A2B Virtual Voyage is 1,800miles/2,900 kms from Aberdeen to Bosnia Herzegovina.



Participants can invite sponsorship per mile or simply invite a donation. €1, £1 or $1 per mile would be welcome but no amount is too small. Know that every penny will help victims of war, landmines, amputations or birth deformities.

Since 2009 when the Clinic opened, over 500 limbs have been made and more than 1,000 sockets and corrections. Regular maintenance is essential as badly fitting limbs can lead to serious problems resulting in further amputations, gangrene etc. This Clinic is an essential facility.

There is no state aid for civilian victims of war or who have amputations for medical reasons. They need OUR help. In a country with 50%+ unemployment, amputees cannot afford the €2,500 costs of a standard limb.

Please also read the attached stories of four patients at the Clinic. Amina was born without her left foot. Samir had his left leg amputated below the knee after a car crash. Edina’s father was killed by a landmine but she survived in spite of almost bleeding to death. Maid is an exceptional young man who lost a foot when a soldier threw a grenade at him when he was six years old.

If you have any questions about this event, contact or People from all over the world can take part in this challenge. We hope you will want to reach out to people who still suffer the after-effects of a cruel war.

COVID-19 is impacting each and every one of us. This is a great opportunity to make a difference whilst also ensuring that those doing the challenge look after their health & wellbeing during lockdown. Please respect social distancing and do not exercise in groups. Activities can be indoor or outdoor and miles can be recorded using a fitbit or apps on a mobile phone.

25 years after the end of the Yugoslav war, the threat posed by mines is still very much real. There are estimated to be 100,000 landmines still in the ground in Bosnia Herzegovina. The clinic provides a lifeline to those who require support living with the loss of a limb.  The highly qualified and empathetic staff cater for their physical and psychological needs.

My name is Maid, I was born on 28th of April 1989, but my life starts in 1996. Then, because of horrible war in my country and my town, I lost my left foot and my right leg was permanently damaged by grenade. That is the time when my life and struggle truly started.

In the early stages of recovery, especially considering my age, I wasn’t even aware of what was going on, I had to learn how to walk again and to act in society. And then I knew that the fight would be my way, and that I could do the same quality work as anyone without the same ‘disability’

Particularly important part of my life is the Miracles, they provided me with one of the first prosthesis, that enabled me to play sports, play football like other children. I remember our first meeting, and how much hope they brought to me for my better tomorrow. Through all these years Matthew, Elvira and Nihad have become like my family, and they have a big role in what I am and where I am today.

With them I learned, that our every handicap we can turn into our advantage, for which I am truly thankful. I am especially grateful to Nihad, who had to put up with all my whims and always made adjustments to my prosthesis when I relentlessly broke them playing volleyball (my biggest love).

Thank God, today I am a member of the most successful Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH) national team today in sitting volleyball (Olympic, world and European champions). When it comes to volleyball, I am a state referee of the BiH volleyball association.

All this is proof that the boundaries of man are indeed in the heads. My life is a struggle and I enjoy it, and I want to advise everyone else the same. We, the children of war, never lose.

We just sometimes forget to look at the result. Let’s move on people…

Maid also mentioned in the video that he would not be able to pay for his prosthetic limbs as even a simple limb costs approximately €2,500. The parts have to be imported and even a foot can cost from €250 to €1,800. If there are two joints involved – if an amputee has lost a leg above the knee, for instance, there are two joints involved – ankle and knee. A knee costs €400 – €4,000.

The sad thing is that the government does not fund civilian amputees. They would be lost without the Clinic.

Amina was born in 2010 without the lower part of her left leg and missing toes on her right foot. She also had medical problems with her fingers – they were clumped together and did not separate. A few years ago she had an operation to separate her fingers. Amina had another operation on her ‘healthy leg’ as the ligaments and tendons needed to stretched because they were not growing.

Pic 1 – Amina at the Clinic. Her new limb is on the right. The smaller piece is for her right foot, so that both feet are the same size. Shoes have to be made especially for Amina which is a huge cost for a poor family. They cannot afford to pay for Amina’s limbs or care.

Amina lives with her parents and older brother and is dearly loved. Both parents are unemployed. They have a plot of land where they grow fruit and vegetables. They also had a cow but last year, the directors of Arthur McCluskey Foundation bought them a second cow so they can sell milk, cheese and yoghurt.

One of our donors funded Amina’s first prosthetic limb, which was the smallest ever made at the clinic. The parents cried tears of joy as they could not believe people who did not even know Amina could be so kind.

Amina needs three new limbs and a minimum of three corrections a year, for the foreseeable future. As children grow, the limb needs to be replaced or adjusted.

Miracles Charity Switzerland has been funding overhead costs and staff salaries since the Prosthetic Limb Clinic was built in 2009.

Their Annual Ball in March had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus so there is a serious shortage of funds available at the moment.

A fundraising event in Arva, Co Cavan was to take place on Sunday, 26th April. That also had to be cancelled.

Amina will depend on the Prosthetic Limb Clinic all her life. When she is fully grown, her limbs may last five years depending on how active she is. The Clinic relies on donations for their survival. We hope you can help.

At the age of 22, Samir had his left leg amputated below the knee after a car crash. His girlfriend deserted him so he was left broken in body and in spirit.

He is not entitled to any financial or prosthetic help in Bosnia Herzegovina.

The staff at Miracles Prosthetic limb Clinic in Mostar gave him new hope for a new life.

Samir is a very active young man who plays a lot of sports. His limb wears out very quickly. In October 2019 the directors of Arthur McCluskey Foundation met Samir at the Clinic.

He wanted to meet them as they were funding his new limb. They saw that his stump was red raw because his limb was not fitting properly.

This could lead to serious problems including gangrene.

Samir does not speak much English but he kept saying “thank you” because he is so grateful to our kind donors who help him.

Samir is now happily married with two children. He works on the checkout at a supermarket and continues with his beloved football.

With the support of the Clinic staff, Samir has found a way out of depression and loss of hope.

Samir will depend on the Prosthetic Limb Clinic for the rest of his life.

They need our support now as never before. Please help our appeal for funds.

Edina lost her leg when she stepped on a land mine during the war. Her father was killed but she survived and had a below the knee amputation in hospital. Edina was 16 years of age, and as a civilian, she was not entitled to any help from the state.

Edina is married and mother of three young children. She and her husband are both unemployed, but her husband occasionally works on building sites earning €10 for a day’s work.

Edina’s limbs wear out quickly because she walks the children to and from school every day – at least six kilometres.

We have funded some of Edina’s limbs over the years and she is very grateful.

Arthur McCluskey Foundation has been supporting the Prosthetic Limb Clinic since it was founded in 2004.

The Clinic is a charity and relies on donations as there is no government funding available.

A fundraising event in Geneva had to be cancelled due to coronavirus. Another event planned for Arva on 26th April had to be cancelled.

Thank you for reading about Edina and her prosthetic limb. She will need the services of the Clinic all her life. The Clinic needs your support if they are to survive.