Arthur McCluskey founded two charities in 2004:  St Joseph & The Helpers Charity Ltd in Ireland and St Joseph & The Helpers Charity (UK) Ltd in the UK. The CRA (Charities Regulatory Authority) advised that we change our name to avoid confusion. On 1st December 2016, the UK charity’s name was changed to Arthur McCluskey Foundation.

Arthur McCluskey Foundation is registered in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to help the people of Bosnia Herzegovina.  We aim to relieve poverty and advance education whilst respecting varying religions and cultures.

Pope Francis reminds us that the poor are not statistics to be counted, but people to be encountered.  We are invited to offer friendship, solidarity and welcome to the poorest of our sisters and brothers.  We are asked to recognise Christ in those who we meet or whose stories we hear.  You can get practically involved by working with Arthur McCluskey Foundation to help the poor of Bosnia Herzegovina.  We need you!

St Joseph – The Holy Cloak Novena in honour of St Joseph – Click Here

Some years ago we were asked by our generous donor, Niall Bailey, to feature this novena on our website. Niall went to his heavenly reward on 17th August 2019.  His generosity enabled us to support poor families, refurbish houses and educate students at university. Niall was devoted to St Joseph so we ask you to remember him as you pray this novena”.

Pat Henry (Chairperson)
Alice Rennison
Donal O’Shea
Margaret McEntee
Steven Brady

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Charity Reg. SC 036163

Charity No. 20103194
Tax Ref.       DCHY 00037

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