Students at University

Arthur McCluskey Foundation directors see education as one of the most effective ways of helping families to escape from poverty and deprivation. A good education increases the chances of finding employment. We are currently sponsoring a number of students in college and university.

Please help us to offer young people a future!

My name is Paula Majić born 7th July 1995 as a first child of Petar and Marija. I have a brother Ivan (1996) and two sisters: Lucija ( 2000) and Ana (2007). My mother died from cancer on 2013. It has shocked our family a lot but we had to continue to live. I am studying the Law in Mostar University and I just enrolled 4th year. My brother is also studying Information technology and two sisters are going to regular school. I do work sometimes part time to help my father with costs of studying as I know how difficult it is for him.

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My name is Marija Sušac and I study biology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Education at the University of Mostar. Nature has always fascinated me, this wonderful world that God has created for us and I want to learn more about it. Biology is about how things live, breed, breathe and die. It’s about the gears that keep us and everything else loudly chugging along. I was born on February 23, 1998 as the second child in our family of eight. Because of very complicated and difficult situation our mother raised us fatherless. I am thankful to all good people who support her to raise us and give us proper education. Hope one day I will be able to do the same for others in need.
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My name is Andrija Pažin and I was born 4th April 1995. I am in third year at university, studying Information Technology. Like my sister Anđela, I was an A student all through school. The need for IT specialists is growing all the time in Bosnia Herzegovina so I will be able to get a job when I graduate.

My father took out a loan from the bank to help pay my university fees. My family is very grateful to you for helping us financially. My sister and I work very hard but we still make time to help our parents in the house and garden.

I am member of Young Catholics Community and was an altar boy for ten years. My goal is to become an accomplished member of this society and not to be forced to find work abroad. I love my country, my community and my family in first place. For more information on Andrija’s educational costs, contact:

My name is Zoran and I’m 18. I live in Čitluk, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with my family (two sisters and mother). We are renting house in Čitluk. My father died in 2011 when I was 11 years old. My mother is taking care of us as single parent.I have finished high school, gymnasium in Čitluk. After high school I will continue education in Mechanical Engineering university in Mostar. I have chosen this university because I like math and that is something that I’m interested in. I think this college is good for my future because as engineer it will be easier to find job that will give me an opportunity to provide better life for my family. My mother works in hotel in Čitluk, but with her salary she can not pay all the costs for my future education. I have been working in Croatia this Summer so I can pay part of my education costs. One year costs 800€, per semester 400€. Monthly expenses for university campus with meals and room is 100€ per month. Thank you in advance for considering my application.

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My name is Anđela Pažin and I was born on 1st May 1997. I study speech therapy at the University of Mostar and have passed all my exams with the best grades. During my elementary and high-school education, I was the best student in my class. My father supports our family of four but he only works part-time.

I am grateful to the donors of Arthur McCluskey Foundation for funding my education. There is great need for speech therapy in my country so my chances of work are very high. I want to stay in Bosnia Herzegovina and try to make things better.

I have my dreams and I believe that with God’s help, your support, hard work and good health, I can achieve my goals. For more information on Andela’s educational costs, contact:

My name is Ivan Drmic. I was born on 14th May 1995 and live in Tomislavgrad. I am in 2nd year at University of Mostar studying Physiotherapy. I come from a big family with low incomes and high outgoings.

Therefore, for me it was almost impossible to continue with my studies after I finished high school. This situation made me even more motivated in becoming a good and successful student and one day, hopefully, getting a job I desire. If you can help, my family and I would be most grateful.

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My name is Vinka Sušac. I was born on 27.10.1996 in Mostar. I live with my mother and 7 younger sisters and brothers in Čitluk. We are all in school. My mother works part time in the Mother’s Village in Medjugorje. I’m a good student. I like working with people with special needs and often I volunteer in day center for children with special needs. That is  the reason why I want finish university for special education and rehabilitation. I pray that money will not be the problem because my single mother has to provide scholarship for my brothers and sisters too. I like animals, cooking, music and I am singing in a choir. For more information on Vinka’s educational costs, contact:

My name is Marina Karačić. I was born on 3rd February 1995 and I live in Široki Brijeg, a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. When I was 12 years old I lost my father who was a wonderful man. The wood, which he was selling to feed his family, fell over and killed him.

My three younger sisters and I were left alone with my mother without any income. Mum is a hard-working woman and she now works as a school cleaner. She only has a monthly income of €300 to pay for everything.

I’m a Masters student of Faculty of Health Studies course of sanitary engineering. I’m a good student and want to finish college, get a job and help my sisters finish school and also help my Mum. I would work as a Health Inspector and be involved with controlling infectious diseases.

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