Students at University

Arthur McCluskey Foundation directors see education as one of the most effective ways of helping families to escape from poverty and deprivation. A good education increases the chances of finding employment. We are currently sponsoring a number of students in college and university.

Please help us to offer young people a future!

My name is Chiara Carabet. I am 19 years old. I am from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I live with my mother, five brothers and one sister. My mom is a single parent and she doesn’t have a permanent job.

I am the eldest of seven children. I graduated from the High School of Fine Arts – majoring in sculpture with excellent results. I also graduated from the High School of Music – majoring in violin. During my education, I performed at numerous concerts and competitions. I currently play the violin at church and am a member of a band.

However, my love for fine arts, sculpture and animation prevailed and I successfully enrolled in the first year of the Academy of Fine Arts in Široki Brijeg (BiH). In the 4th year of study, I plan to enroll in the graphic design course at the Academy. I have been drawing animations for several years also, as well as ceramics and pottery. After finishing my studies, I would like to work professionally in animation and graphic design.

My mother has a temporary job at the moment but does not earn very much. Every day I have to travel by bus to the Academy where I have lectures from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm or 5:00 pm. Therefore, I am asking you if you can help me with the costs of fees and transportation.

Thank you a lot

God bless


My dear benefactors,

My name is Lucia Ćurković,my parents and 3 brothers and a sister we all live in Međugorje, Bosna and Herzegovina.

I was a student of generation in a high school Fra.Slavka Barbarića Čitluk.

I decided to study Chinese and Spanish language in Olomoucu Chech Republic, why there, one of the reasons is that my mother is from the Chech Republic and I speak the language well. I am asring you, my benefactors if you are able to help my parents, so that they can pay for my accommodation/ room and food in the student dormitory.

My parents do not have a permanent job and your help wold help them a lot.

Thank you

God bless

Lucia Ćurković

My name is Marijan Tustonja and I’m 25 years old. In September 2019, I completed my studies and received the title of Master of Social Work.  My brother, sister and I were cared for at Mother’s Village Orphanage after the deaths of my father and mother. For us, life in Mother’s Village represented salvation and blessing from God.

I wanted to choose a profession where I would be able to help someone as they helped me when I needed it. During my studies, I worked hard over the summer to help my sister and brother with the things they needed as they both had learning difficulties.  Sadly, my brother has since died so only my sister and I remain of our family of five.

Two months after graduation, I started working at Mostar University as an assistant professor. To do this, I had to enroll on a doctoral degree which is a new goal for me.  The problem with all this is finances, which I unfortunately do not have. We are obliged to pay for our PhD which lasts for three years. 

Each year of study costs €2,500 so I need € 7,500 to complete the PhD.  I pray that you can help me to finish my last cycle of education so that I can help others.

If you would like to help Marijan and other students whom we sponsor at university, please email  You may like to set up a standing order for our Arthur McCluskey Education Fund.

My name is Ivana Sušac. I was born on the 5th of December 2000. I come from a small village near Mostar. I have a large family. This year I started my studies on the University of Mostar. I am a medical student. I have wanted to study for a doctor since I was a little girl. I’ve always loved that kind of job where you can help people, especially if they’re having health issues. I also like reading novels. I read whenever I have the time. At this time, the only thing I want to do is to study hard so I can make my dreams come true and make my family and every other person who helped me proud.

For more information on Ivana’s educational costs, contact:

My name is Zoran and I’m 18. I live in Čitluk, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with my family (two sisters and mother). We are renting house in Čitluk. My father died in 2011 when I was 11 years old. My mother is taking care of us as single parent.I have finished high school, gymnasium in Čitluk. After high school I will continue education in Mechanical Engineering university in Mostar. I have chosen this university because I like math and that is something that I’m interested in. I think this college is good for my future because as engineer it will be easier to find job that will give me an opportunity to provide better life for my family. My mother works in hotel in Čitluk, but with her salary she can not pay all the costs for my future education. I have been working in Croatia this Summer so I can pay part of my education costs. One year costs 800€, per semester 400€. Monthly expenses for university campus with meals and room is 100€ per month. Thank you in advance for considering my application.

For more information on Zoran’s educational costs, contact:

Andjela has successfully completed her studies in Speech Therapy.  She now has a Master’s Degree and says “there are no words to thank you, because you made my study possible.  Thank you a lot!  My family also thank you”.  Andjela will inform us when she finds a job.

My name is Marija Sušac and I study biology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Education at the University of Mostar. Nature has always fascinated me, this wonderful world that God has created for us and I want to learn more about it. Biology is about how things live, breed, breathe and die. It’s about the gears that keep us and everything else loudly chugging along. I was born on February 23, 1998 as the second child in our family of eight. Because of very complicated and difficult situation our mother raised us fatherless. I am thankful to all good people who support her to raise us and give us proper education. Hope one day I will be able to do the same for others in need.
For more information on Marija’s educational costs, contact:

Vinka Sušac has finished her studies at university with a degree in Special Education and Rehabilitation.  She is immensely grateful to our donors who funded her education.  She and her family pray for all of you, especially as we are still supporting her sisters, Marija and Ivana, in their studies.  Vinka is working at Mother’s Village Orphanage while she looks for employment.

Paula Majić has successfully graduated with a Law Degree and is seeking employment.  She and her family are very grateful to our donors who funded her final year at university.

My name is Lorena Vidačak and I was born on March 29, 2000 in Mostar where I live with my parents and siblings. My father is the only one employed in our family. Both my brother and my sister are children with special needs. My brother was born in 2005 and sister in 2003. My mother and sister suffer from epilepsy.

I’m currently a freshman at college where I study biology and chemistry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Education. One semester of my college costs €375, so one year costs €750. My parents are unable to pay such sum, so I’m asking for your help with fees, transport and books.

I’m a good student and my current average grade is 3 out of 5 (60%). I’ve got a strong desire and enormous love towards this profession. It would mean a lot if I had the opportunity to continue studying at university.

The only problem is finances. All I need is a chance to show how much I can do. I hope that that you can support me through university. Then I will be able to help my family more.

If you would like to support Lorena or any of the other students, please contact Pat Henry (Mrs) or Donal O’Shea.

 Dear Donors, We thank the Lord for sending such wonderful people from the Foundation Arthur McCluskey into our lives. I could not even imagine that there are such good people in this world who would help my family and aid me in attending college. We met when I was in my first year of the Faculty of Health Studies, studying to be an Environmental and Public Health professional. After successfully completing all ten semesters in 2020, I finished my studies earning a Masters of Environmental and Public Health.

I so desired to study but my mother with her humble monthly income of €300 could not afford to pay for my schooling since I also had three younger sisters as well. My father passed away while we were still little, and our mother, who was always a fighter, worked really hard to provide the essential s for us. In the process she lost her health but never her faith in the Lord.

I married my husband Luka in October 2020. God willing, in August 2021, I will become a mother. Once our child is old enough, I plan to look for a job in the field I trained in so my hard work and all your assistance may come to fruition. I believe that the Lord will continue to help me in that endeavour as He has in all things thus far!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank all the people who have donated to support the schooling of young people. Thus ,you have ensured a better future for us and allowed us to live and realize our dreams!

May God bless and keep you safe! You will forever be in my heart and my prayers! Thank you!

Your former stipend recipient Marina Karačić – Zeljko

Andrija Pažin graduated successfully in Information Technology. He is employed as a shift manager in a plastics company. He is very grateful to our donors for their support.