Milo Family

A mother was diagnosed with cancer shortly after the birth of her only child.  He is under two years of age now and is cared for by his mother as the father abandoned his wife and child shortly after his birth and cancer diagnosis. 

They live in a tiny house that the maternal grandparents built.  The mother has no income and depends totally on her parents.  The house is humid as it is made only of brickwork, so insulation of the walls would be of immense help.  Our builder assessed the situation and suggests the following work to be done: walls to to be insulated, repair of roof, renovation and painting of staircase & rooms, doors, and kitchen.  Estimate approx €14,000 to be shared 50/50 with Fr Slavko’s humanitarian aid organisation.  Our share €7,000.

Please look at the photographs of the house, before and after insulation/refurbishment.  Thank you for helping this family.  If you would like to help other families who live in dire need, please donate on this website and choose Poor Family Support on the dropbox menu.  The mother and her parents are hugely appreciative of our donors‘ kindness.  They pray for you each day.