Young Lady Injured in Car Crash

“A” was badly injured in a head on collision in August 2021.  She was hospitalised for months and endured many surgeries.  She is expected to be in a wheelchair for some time to come as she faces further surgery. 

A wheelchair friendly second floor was added to the family home.  A’s father is retired on a small pension and there is a lot of illness in the family.  They sold some land to fund the building project and they were generously supported by relatives, friends and neighbours.

Arthur McCluskey Foundation was asked to help with inside and outside plastering, rendering, insulation and flooring as well as providing windows and doors to the property.

Companies were asked for discounts or donations with the provision of furniture, building materials, bathroom tiles and fittings, kitchen tiles, cupboards, white goods etc.  Many companies provided goods either free of charge or at greatly reduced prices.  As well as that, much of the work was done free of charge by friends.

Access to the new second floor was a challenge but, thankfully, sloped steps were built and A can walk up using a stick or frame.  Praise the Lord!

Our total costs were:  €17,691.