Gol Family

Parents and four sons aged 14 to 7 pay €180 per month to rent one floor of an old, damp house.  When the owner died two years ago, they feared the house would be sold and they decided to build a house of their own. 

They were given a piece of land by the church and the local priest has been extremely helpful.  The father took out a bank loan in order to be able to afford a professional builder to construct their home.  The shell of the house (about 110 m2) is now complete but the family does not have the financial means to finish the house.

The priest asked us to help this family, as both parents are diligent and work; the father is a truck driver and the mother is a cleaner.  However, the loan repayment (about €250/month) and the monthly rent swallow approximately one month’s earning of one of the parents.

We checked the condition of the new building with our builder who agreed it is well-built.  He suggested the following work to be done so that the family could move into their new home: floor insulation, laminate in living room and three bedrooms, tiles in kitchen, bathroom, corridor and entrance steps; finish bath room, new inside doors, paint all rooms: total €16,000.

The roof is insulated and they want to keep as is, probably so that they could add a further floor in the future.  Outside insulation and facade would cost approximately €7,000.  Our 50% share was €12,500 with the remaining 50% being paid for Fr Slavko’s humanitarian aid organisation. 

The family and the parish priest are very grateful to our donors for making this possible.