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This year our fundraising event will feature Miracles Representative Matthew Procter along with 15 patients/amputees and Miracles Centre staff.

They will be walking from June 7th to 14th in order to raise funds and awareness for prosthetic limb needs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Their challenge is to walk/run 10,000 steps or walk/run/cycle at least five miles/eight kilometres.  With temperatures of 30/40+ in June, that distance is enough!

Will you please join us by sponsoring Matthew or one or more of our patients?  Or, you may like to do 10,000 steps/5miles/8kms yourself and seek sponsorship from friends and family.  All donations are welcome as without donors, amputees are unable to afford prosthetic limbs.

Your gift will not only provide the funds the Clinic needs for future prosthetics, but it will also allow those who have received a limb the opportunity to give back to someone who is still waiting….

Let us introduce you to:

Senad was born 1978 in Srebrenica.  In 1994 he stepped on a land mine and was badly injured and transferred to the Clinical Centre in Tuzla.  After several surgeries, Senad’s life was saved but he lost his leg. 

Now he is married with two children and lives and works in Tuzla.  He enjoys spending time with nature, mountains and with his family and friends. He is pleased to be a part of the “Walk With Me” project, and his message to other amputees is: “Do not ever quit!” 

Would you like to support Senad in the Walk With Me Project?

Asmira -is 40 years old.  At the age of 10 she was diagnosed with diabetes type 1.  Since then she has had complications with her eyes, kidneys, pancreas and deformation of her left foot.  She had surgery on her left leg in 2011 and needs orthosis on that left leg and special orthopaedic shoes.

Asmira had a kidney transplant in 2013 with her father as donor.  In 2016 her right foot was replaced and with the generous help of an Arthur McCluskey Foundation donor, Asmira got her perfect prosthesis and orthosis at Miracles Centre.  She is determined not to let the loss of her limb hold her back from doing the activities she loves.  

Would you like to support Asmira in the Walk With Me Project?

Maid was born on 28th of April 1989.  In 1996 a grenade was thrown at him, causing the loss of his left foot and injuring his right leg.  Maid had to learn again how to walk for a second time in his life.

Maid is about to graduate from Law School.  He is a proud member of the most successful Sitting Volley Ball national team.  Bosnia Herzegovina are currently Olympic, World and European Champions.  Maid also coaches and referees for Sitting Volley Ball matches. 

Maid is an inspirational young man.  He says „the children of war never lose.  We sometimes just forget to look at the result.  Let’s move on”.

Would you like to support Maid in the Walk With Me Project?

Zulkaid is 48.  He became a land mine victim in 1995.  He is happily married and the father of two children. 

Zulkaid said:  “Thank you for everything you have done for me.  As a member of the Olympic shot-put national team, good quality prosthetics will help me successfully continue being a member of this team.

This will encourage others like me to continue their passion for sports despite all the challenges”.


Would you like to support Zulkaid in the Walk With Me Project?

Semir was born in 1982 in Mostar.  He is married with three children and is currently unemployed.

Semir is a civilian victim of the war as he lost his leg to a grenade shell at the age of 10.  He is very active, engaged in hiking and cycling.

To thank, and in some way to „repay“ the Miracles Centre, Semir took part in the A2B project last year.

He also wants to participate in the „Walk With Me“ project starting on 7th June, as he knows that amputees will not be able to have prosthetic limbs unless funds are found for the Clinic.


Would you like to support Semir in the Walk With Me Project?

Dragan lives in Citluk and he is 40 years of age.  Dragan was a successful professional boxer until he lost his leg in a horrible car accident.

Unfortunately his sports career ended, but even today he is very active and he rides a bike, runs and continues boxing.

Dragan is a very successful lawyer in Citluk.  Last year he took part in our A2B virtual race to raise funds for the Clinic and this year he is also happy to support us.

Would you like to support Dragan in the Walk With Me Project?

Nino is 53 years old.  During the war Nino was trying to escape from Sarajevo during prolonged winter sub-zero temperatures.  This resulted in frostbite taking hold and, tragically, he lost both of his legs.

Nino is currently unemployed but he does lots of gardening.  He also has some cattle, which is his only means of income.

Nino lives on his own in a village and says: “Thank you for opening my world and helping me to get back to the life I love!”

Would you like to support Nino in the Walk With Me Project?

Zerina lives in Mostar and she is 40 years of age.  She was just a little girl in the war when the local bus was redirected because of the shelling into the village where she was playing with other kids.

The bus driver was speeding, resulting in a horrible accident.  Zerina had both her legs amputated.  Despite the accident, Zerina continued her life and now she is a happy and proud mother of two wonderful children.  She has a dog, who will happily accompany her in doing her “Walk With Me”! 

As a survivor, on this team she hopes not only to continue living her life normally, but selflessly help others who are going through dark times.  Amputees like Zerina, rely on kind donors for prosthetic limb provision.  There is no government support for civilian amputees. 

Would you like to support Zerina in the Walk With Me Project?

Samir At the age of 22, Samir had his left leg amputated below the knee after a car crash.  As a civilian, he is not entitled to any financial or prosthetic help in Bosnia Herzegovina.

The staff at Miracles Prosthetic limb Clinic in Mostar gave him new hope for a new life.  Samir is now happily married with two children. 

He works on the checkout at a supermarket and passionately plays his beloved football.  Samir is a very active young man who plays a lot of sports so his limb wears out very quickly.  The real goal is to build confidence that was lost when the limb was taken.

Samir left a note at Miracles Centre: “I don’t know how you do it, I just know that I cannot imagine my life without you!”

Would you like to support Samir in the Walk With Me Project?

Dzevad lost his leg to a landmine during the war.  He is married with two children and works at the local ambulance centre.

Dzevad is involved in extreme sports, such as rafting, mountain climbing and snowboarding…He is very grateful for his prosthesis which allows him to continue with his active life.

He decided to help us to raise funds so that other amputees can be helped at Miracles Prosthetic Limb Clinic. 

Dzevad, like other civilian amputees, could never afford €2,500 for a limb.  The generosity of other allows Dzevad to continue his passion for extreme sports!  He is an example to other amputees and gives them hope for the future. 

Would you like to support Dzevad in the Walk With Me Project?

Dijana was a passenger in a car accident on March 31, 2008.  Both of her legs were smashed and she spent three years in hospital having repeated surgeries.  She was in constant pain which led to depression.

Seven years later, on July 8, 2015, her left leg was amputated below the knee.  Six months after the amputation she got her first prosthesis, funded like many others, by Arthur McCluskey Foundation.

With the limb and less pain, Dijana found her freedom.  She is very grateful and satisfied because the prosthesis has improved her life.

Would you like to support Dijana in the Walk With Me Project?

Amina is 10 years old.  She was born without her left foot and she was missing toes on her right foot.  Her fingers were joined together so she surgery to separate them.  Many surgeries have followed as the ligaments and tendons need to be stretched to allow them to grow.

Amina lives with her parents and older brother, who totally love this brave little girl.  Both parents are unemployed but they grow fruit and vegetables on their own plot of land.  They also have a cow and these are their only means of income.

Amina needs three new limbs and a minimum of three corrections each year. The first limb she had was the smallest limb ever made at the Clinic.  Thanks to Arthur McCluskey Foundation donors, Amina can run and play just like other children.  She has relentless energy and can keep up with her friends at school!  Amina wants to make her little contribution to our project Walk With Me!

Would you like to support Amina in the Walk With Me Project?

Djenan lives in Sarajevo and is a big fan of sports.  Currently he is unemployed and looking for a job.  Djenan lost his leg as a result of an accidental gunshot wound.

He had several operations but unfortunately doctors could not save his leg.  Djenan is trying to stay positive and always trying to help people around him.

He decided to join us on the Walk With Me project.

Would you like to support Djenan in the Walk With Me Project?

Predrag lives in Mostar and he is 51.  Predrag suffers from diabetes and he lost his leg due to thrombosis.

He lives alone which makes his day-to-day activities more difficult.

Using his own story, Predrag provides the inspiration and motivation for his friends and community.

He helps people discover their inner strength and recognize the everyday heroes in life.  Predrag believes that humour, teamwork and setting goals can be used to overcome any obstacle.

Would you like to support Predrag in the Walk With Me Project?

Edina lost her leg when she stepped on a land mine during the war.  Her father was killed but she survived and had a below the knee amputation.

Edina was 16 years of age, and as a civilian, she was not entitled to any help from the state.  She has three children and walks them to and from school every day, a distance of four miles.

Her prosthetic limbs need replacing often due to these constant demands and Edina will need Miracles Centre’s services all her life.  The family is struggling financially but people are kind.

Edina wants to be a part of this project and hopes that her contribution will support the Clinic, not only because of her personal needs but to help fellow amputees.  With the Clinic’s support, Edina is able to take care of her children.

Would you like to support Edina in the Walk With Me Project?

And finally, Matthew Procter, who worked in Bosnia Herzegovina from 1992 until 2018 when he suffered a severe stroke.

He is very grateful to the friends of Arthur McCluskey Foundation who funded an air ambulance flight to get him to a UK Hospital.

Matthew was very instrumental in setting up the Prosthetics Clinic on behalf of Miracles Charity.  He stayed to help meet the demand for prosthetic treatment, physiotherapy and psychological rehabilitation for landmine victims. Matthew was awarded the MBE for services to charity.

Even though he is still recovering, Matthew decided once again to show his generosity and leadership abilities and is joining us all in this event.

Would you like to walk 10,000 steps with Matthew?

Donations can be made here. Thank you all!