A Burnt Out Shell in 2016

This poor family has been living in their burnt out home since an electrical fault caused a fire in February 2016. The family consists of mother, father, two teenage sons (one of whom is mentally ill) and a daughter who has a two year old son. She had been living in a refugee camp until her relationship broke up when she returned to her parents’ home. A nurse whom we fund supported the family in the refugee camp and is still doing so at the burnt out house where living conditions are horrendous. The centre of the house had a proper roof which was all destroyed but there are two little rooms at either end of the house with flat, concrete slab roofs. Those rooms survived the fire but are damp and unhealthy. Since the fire, the father was knocked down by a car and has been in hospital for some time with multiple serious fractures.

Arthur McCluskey Foundation is providing half of the €35,000 costs of refurbishment. A new wood burning stove, some beds and furniture will be needed so your support would be greatly appreciated. We are working with a local nurse to improve life for this family. The refurbished house will have three bedrooms, kitchen/dining area, bathroom and a covered walkway in front of the house.

This work has now been completed.  The family can now live in comfort and pray daily for our kind donors and directors.

A Burnt Out Shell in 2016 (Before)

Newly Refurbished with Love from our Donors (After)

The house was in a shocking condition. (Before)

Miracles do happen!  Proud of our new kitchen! (After)

From an outside toilet to: (Before)

An indoor bathroom (After)