Aberdeen Charity Ball

Aberdeen Charity Ball took place at the Marcliffe Hotel on Friday, 8th June 2012. The idea came from Steve and Toni Brady following a trip to Bosnia Herzegovina to see the projects undertaken by St Joseph & The Helpers. Steve and Toni were very ably assisted by Lynn Newborn, Sylvia Hoskins, Mark Wilson and Jenny Allan. The evening was a spectacular success with excellent food and entertainment. The event raised almost £27,000 which will help to complete the Pastoral Centre and Public Kitchen in Sarajevo.

Back Row: Lucia and Colm Smith (Chair), Pat Henry (Chair, UK), Paul Warwick (Speaker) and his wife Frances, Leader of the Council Barney Crockett and his wife Shona.
Front Row: Vinko, Ivan and Veronika Vukadin, Steve and Toni Brady. Ivan is Mayor of Tomislavgrad.

Back Row: Rick Hoskins, Lynn Newborn (Chief Organiser), Dermot Brennan (director), Anna Brennan and Geoff Newborn.
Front Row: Sylvia Hoskins (Committee), Elizabeth Brennan and Glynis Odlin (Helper).

Lynn Newborn (Chief Organiser), Mark Wilson and Jenny Allan organised the Ball.