Bar Family

“Bar” Family

The Franciscan Sisters asked if we could help this family.  Father, mother and four children live with their grandmother in a very dilapidated old house. The father is a war veteran; he and his wife both have part-time jobs but find it difficult to make ends meet.

Although very hard-working, they do not have the means to make essential renovations to the old house. The roof is leaking and needs to be replaced.  Two daughters share a tiny room with the grandmother who finds great difficulty in getting to the bathroom at the other end of the house.  The living room has no window so the whole house is very dark.

A new roof is badly needed and a broken down summer kitchen (beside the bathroom) needs to be refurbished as a bedroom for the grandmother.  A window is needed in the living room and the interior needs to be painted.  The whole house must be insulated to protect the family against the elements.

Estimate:  €12,000 – our share being €6,000.   Fr Slavko Barbaric’s humanitarian aid organisation funds the remaining 50%.

All of this work has been completed.  Thank you, kind donors, for making it possible.


 Converted to bedroom for Grandmother


 Roof repairs happening opposite newly built Apartments

 Father and two sons repair roof


 Breaking through wall to make a window