Completed VUK Family Home – No Pic

Vuk Family

The “Vuk” family consists of mother, father, their 20 year old daughter and an uncle who is ill.  They have no jobs and their montly income is €100 of welfare benefits.  They had no water in the house, no bathroom; just a toilet outside in the yard.  They could grow vegetables but without water, nothing survives.  We paid for water to be connected to the house and had a bathroom installed.   Life is still difficult for the family but neighbours are kind to them. The daughter would like to get a job but they live in an isolated area without transport.  We would like to pay for driving lessons for her and provide her with a car.  Can you help?

Note:  At the daughter’s request, we are not showing photographs of this home. 

This work has now been completed.  The family can now live in comfort and pray daily for our kind donors and directors.