Dre Family

“Dre” family – lived in a house with no water or electricity.  The cooker was outdoors in the heat of summer and cold of winter.  The grandfather gave them a plot of land but they had no money to build a house.  One of our kind donors felt sorry for the family who had been so badly affected by the Yugoslav war.  The father suffered from post traumatic stress disorder, leaving him unable to work.  The wife lost three brothers and witnessed her mother being murdered.  Pain and loss such as this is difficult for all of us to even imagine.

The family later wrote to thank the charity for their house.  They asked the translator to say: “The day we moved in to our new home was the happiest day of our lives”.
This work has now been completed.  The family can now live in comfort and pray daily for our kind donors and directors.

Outdoor Toilet

Thank you for taking the time to read about people who live in shocking conditions and with awful health problems.  We hope and pray that your hearts will be open so that we can reach out to the poor together.  

That is what Pope Francis asks of us.  Let us continue to be merciful and make the world a better place for the least fortunate.