Dug Family

Father (49) & Mother (47)

Father, mother and two children (boy 10 and daughter 11) live in a tiny brick house.  It consists of only a living room/kitchen, 1 bedroom and a bathroom. The parents and two children all sleep together in a double bed. 

Since the house has no proper roof and no insulation, all rooms are extremely mouldy and the ceiling is black from humidity.  The father has not had a job for years due to back problems.

In order to provide a bedroom for the children, the walls need to be raised about 1.5m to create an upper floor.  Stairs will be fitted as well as a new roof and the whole house will be insulated. Total costs: €15,000.

Flat roof. No insulation on the house

Four people sleep in one double bed

 The builder added an upper floor to provide two bedrooms and storage area. 

Daughter’s Room

Son’s Room

“D” family – lived in a house with no water or electricity.  Cooker outdoors. “A kind donor built them a house. The day they moved in to their new home was the happiest day of their lives”.

This work has now been completed.  The family can now live in comfort and pray daily for our kind donors and directors.

Thank you for taking the time to read about people who live in shocking conditions and with awful health problems.  We hope and pray that your hearts will be open so that we can reach out to the poor together.  

That is what Pope Francis asks of us.  Let us continue to be merciful and make the world a better place for the least fortunate.