Troubled Family Needs Help

Troubled Family Need Help

The situation of this family is extremely difficult as each member is more or less mentally impaired. Two sisters (35) and (29) live with their father (63). One of the sisters has a 16 year old son while her sister has a physically-handicapped daughter (8). They live in their old dilapidated home. Sadly, the mother died four years ago.

The two bedrooms are humid, black and mouldy. Each sister shares a bed with her child while the father sleeps on a couch in the tiny living room. He works but is an alcoholic. The boy does not attend school, as he was frightened by his schoolmates.

The little girl suffers from a nervous disorder. She also has shortened Achilles tendons, so has difficulty walking and cannot climb stairs. The house is situated on a steep slope and one has to climb many stairs to reach the house so she has to be carried. She is scheduled for leg surgery to facilitate her walking and will need physiotherapy afterwards.

She started school but has to be taken there by taxi. Her mother receives €50 monthly from social services but struggles financially. Help is desperately needed as they have no way to escape from their shabby lives without outside help.

The house needed to be completely insulated, windows and doors replaced, roof repaired and rain gutters fitted. The rooms needed to be dehumidified, renovated and furnished. The work cost €13,500 so our share was €6,750.

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