E Family

After the death of her husband five years ago, N moved to live with her brother in their family home.  Both are mentally impaired.  N receives a disability pension of about €100 a month and that is their only income.  The house is in a very bad state and the stench is unbearable due to plumbing problems.  The bathroom is unusable so they have an outdoor toilet.  Social Services have asked for help as the adults cannot help themselves.  N’s daughter currently lives in Mothers‘ Village Orphanage but will return to live with her mother and uncle in the very near future.

The following help is needed: complete renovation of bathroom, new plumbing and refurbishment of bedroom for the daughter’s return home.  Insulation of ceiling, laminate flooring as well as part insulation of outside walls, painting all rooms and outside walls need to be done.

The house will need to be completely furnished including beds, wardrobes, kitchen and washing machine.  Cost estimate €11,000 to be shared with Fr Slavko’s humanitarian aid organistion.  Our 50% share is €5,500.

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