Family coping with very Sick Son

A mother and father live on the upper floor of a house that the grandfather built for his three sons. Father earns €350 per month as a carpenter. They have three children – a 10 year old daughter, 7 year old son and another daughter who is 4.

The son suffers from a disease of the central nervous system as well as epilepsy. His motor development is limited and he is un-coordinated in his movements. He cannot articulate words. However, he is physically strong and extremely loud. He needs constant care and cannot be left alone.

Because of this, he shares a bedroom with his father. The living quarters are separated from the father’s bedroom by a large terrace that is open on the sides and not secure. The boy is extremely active, strong and aggressive. He ruins furniture and breaks windows and doors.

The family live a simple life in clean conditions. They have needed help over the years with provision of clothing but they are very, very modest and never ask for anything more.

It would be of great help to the family if we replaced some of the doors and windows with unbreakable glass and enclosed the terrace with walls and windows to ensure the boy’s safety. Cost estimate €4,500.

Note: This work has now been completed. New doors and windows have been fitted with unbreakable glass. The open area has been closed in and is now a safe place for this poor boy. Our 50% share of costs was €2,250. Thank you for your help for another grateful family.



The open terrace is a real danger for Ante