Family Living in one Room

A ten minute drive from Medjugorje, a mother and father live with their two sons in a tiny, dilapidated house. Their home consists of one room and a small kitchen. They have no bathroom but kind neighbours let them use their facilities.

We can’t begin to image what such a life is like. This family receives no welfare payment and they have no regular income. The father earns a little helping neighbours when work is available. They are extremely poor and cannot improve their lives without our help. We hope to extend the house to provide a bedroom and a bathroom. Estimate for this work is €16,000 which we will share 50/50 with Fr Slavko Barbaric‘s local charity.

When work began, it some became apparent that the house was in danger of falling down completely. One outside wall and the roof collapsed but our hard working builder and his men were able to rebuild the wall and provide a new roof.

A two metre extension was added to the house which has been completely insulated and refurbished with new doors and windows. The family cannot believe that they now have a house with a bedroom and their very own bathroom. The kitchen has been enlarged and fitted with a new stove. A washing machine will be fitted in the bathroom.

We will not know the full costs of the work until all bills are paid. Needless to say, it will be considerably more than the estimate of €16,000.

Would you like to help this family or another poor family living in dire circumstances? Can you imagine trying to feed and clothe your family with no regular income? Sadly, this family story is only one of many.

If you would like to help us in this work, you may like to set up a Standing Order to donate regularly? No amount is too small. If you would like to organise a fund raising event on our behalf, that would be most welcome. Working together, we can change lives.

Work is now completed with final costs of €25,000. Please view the photographs to show what has been achieved for this family.