Family struggling to build a house

The parents, two daughters aged 18 & 16 and a son who is 15, rent a small flat costing €150 per month.  The 16 year old girl and the 15 year old boy are mentally handicapped and attend a special needs school.  As well as that, the 16 year old and her mother suffer from epilepsy.

The father works in the warehouse of a large supermarket, earning about €300 per month.  One of his uncles has been helping the family for years. In order to make their future more secure, the uncle obtained a free piece of land and building permit from the municipality.  He has excellent architect’s drawings which show that the house will include four small bedrooms, a bathroom and living/kitchen area. There will be a garage and storage area in the basement.

With the help of his brothers and friends, he started with the foundations of the house and was able to finish the basement.  They have exhausted all available funds and are unable to continue the work. We have been asked to provide funds for the building materials.  The uncles and friends will continue to work every weekend to finish the house.


Cost estimate for taking the house to roof level is €10,000.  In due course we will receive the costs for putting a pitched roof on the house.  With your help, we can support these kind, compassionate people as they strive to provide this sad family with a home of their own.

Plans changed with the arrival of Covid.  Lockdown resulted in building work coming to a standstill.  When it resumed, the builder friends were not available.

We intervened and, with the support of most generous donors, we were able to employ a building team to complete the house.  The family moved in for Easter 2021 and are very happy to have their own home.  The amount of money we invested in this house was €35,000.

Note: As a result of meeting this family, we funded the eldest daughter at university for the last two years of her degree course.  She will graduate in October and hopefully find a job.