Support for Poor Families

Mahatma Gandhi wrote: “Poverty is the worst form of violence”.

We do not want to make families dependent on our donations. However, there are some family circumstances when the only way you can help effectively is by providing money.  These families are drawn to our attention by the Franciscan priests or sisters or by other agencies working out in Bosnia Herzegovina.

After her visit to a family with five children, Sr Jelenka wrote. “The only food they had was a bit of flour, a bit of jam and half a pepperoni”.  That is POVERTY.

Our response was to send funds each month through Sr Jelenka to the family. We also funded work on their home as the roof was leaking and there was no insulation.  Sometimes, we ask the family to open a bank account so that we can transfer funds directly but it depends on the circumstances.

If you would like to help us with poor families, perhaps you would like to set up a Standing Order and donate even a small amount each month?