A 70 year old lady lives alone in poor conditions in a tiny house.  She sleeps on a couch in the living room and also has a small kitchen and bathroom.  She has no family and lives off a pension of €200 a month.  Some food is delivered each month by an organisation set up by Sr Muriel RIP.  Sadly Sr Muriel passed away aged 96 in 2020 and her work will soon be taken over by Mary’s Hands.

The following work needs to be done: complete renovation of living room and corridor – windows, floor insulation, laminate, tiles, painting and entrance door.  Cost estimate €8,000 which will be shared with Fr Slavko’s humanitarian aid organisation.  Our share is:  €4,000.

You will see from the photographs below that this lady, a refugee during the 1992 – 1995 war, now has a comfortable home.  She prays for our donors every day as there is no other way for her to show her gratitude.

Please donate if you would like to support this project or other house refurbishment for poor people living in dire circumstances.  Tick Poor Family Support on the dropbox menu.