Joze Family

A couple in their 70s came to this area as refugees during the Balkan war.  They live in only one room of an unfinished house.  They have no running water in the house so they carry it inside in buckets for use in the bathroom and kitchen.  For the washing machine, they use a hose connected from outside.

All the walls in the house are just bare bricks; only the sleeping corner in the living room is painted.  The whole house is humid and mouldy, as there is no wall or roof insulation.  They have no children and live off a monthly pension of approximately €300.

Our builder recommends connecting water into the house, renovation of living room and kitchen area, the bathroom and corridor.  New windows, floor insulation, tiles, kitchen cabinets, furniture as well as painting the whole house.  The roof will be insulated and possibly some of the walls.  Cost estimate €11,500 to be shared with Fr Slavko’s humanitarian aid organisation.  Our share:  €5,750.

This elderly couple have been promised help from many sources over the years.  They prayed continuously including a Novena which ended on 29th June.  Our builder arrived to deliver materials on the 28th June and they praise the Lord for His goodness!  Please help this and other families who live in awful conditions.  Donate online and tick Poor Family Support.  The Lord sees all.