Lady Living Alone

A 78-year-old woman lived alone in a mouldy desolate room on the ground floor of her old family home.  The rest of the house is uninhabitable. She had no running water, no bathroom – just an outhouse.

Her room was damp and cold and could not be heated, as the adjacent storage room had a window covered with a plastic pane.  She has no family apart from a sister in Croatia with whom she spends the coldest weeks of winter.

78 years old.  Home is a mouldy room

New floors, walls, furniture – better!

It was clear that we needed to ease her life in some way.  Work done included new windows and doors, new floors, painting walls and partitioning off the storage room so her room can be heated in winter. Sadly we could not help with water or toilet as there is no space for a septic tank.  She is very happy now! Costs €4,500.

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Old door

New door and window

Outdoor Toilet

House more comfortable now