Li family

Wife (61) & Husband (64) October 2018

This elderly couple live in an old dilapidated stone house on the mountain side not far from Medjugorje. They moved into the family house three years ago, after his brother and wife died in 2015, as conditions were a bit better than their old apartment. 

They have no children.  They do not have jobs but the husband works occasionally for neighbours, tending their sheep.  They also receive €50 a month from social services. The house and furniture looked like they would collapse any time.

Front of house – walls unprotected

New front door with canopy.  Walls insulated.

Side wall of house – no insulation

The house is warm and comfortable now

They had a bedroom, living room, a tiny corridor which is being used as kitchen.  The roof was leaking, so the rooms were humid. The bedroom was covered in mould so they slept on couches in the damp living area.  They had a tiny toilet which did not work so they used an outdoor toilet.

We wanted to help with the minimum necessary to make life easier for this couple.  We fixed the roof, insulated the outside walls, renovated the living room, the corridor, kitchen and made a tiny bathroom.  They asked if we could fit a little canopy over the front door so they could enjoy the sun. All the work has been done, costing €9,500.  Our 50% share was €4,750.

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Outdoor toilet facilities

Fully tiled shower and toilet provided

Kitchen was a corridor.

Corridor is now a fitted kitchen.  View of shower.

Life was lived in this small lounge area.

Lounge refurbished and more comfortable