Merd Family

“MERD” Family

A father and mother lived with their four children in absolutely horrific conditions. The children are aged 19, 17, 12 and 7.  When one of their teachers realised how they were living, he decided to start an aid project to help this family.

The teachers and community raised funds and were able to buy an old house with 700m2  land.  They started to renovate it but the costs were too much for them to cover. They asked if we could help finish the house façade, wall insulation and furnishing, as well as building a shed for wood and storage, a chicken house and a pigeon loft for their animals.

It is wonderful that the communities are slowly taking on the responsibility for the less fortunate in their country.   Estimate for our work on the house and building a shed for storage and animals (8x4m) is €10,000.  Arthur McCluskey Foundation paid €5,000; the other 50% share of the costs was paid by Fr Slavko Barbaric’s humanitarian aid organisation.  Together, we achieve much more.

Thank you, kind donors, for helping this family.




  The family has chickens and pigeons