A mother, father and their three children live on the upper level of this family house. The children are aged 14, 12 and 9.

The 12 year old is physically disabled as he was born with an open spine. He had to undergo many surgeries and has a huge scar down his spine. He cannot walk and needs assistance with every move and he has open wounds on his buttocks from constant sitting.

In spite of this, he attends a normal school and is an excellent student. As he needs a wheelchair, his father built a wooden ramp to the upper floor so that he can push his son in the wheelchair to the apartment. This structure is four metres high and no doubt would fail health and safety standards!

The apartment is damp, as there is no façade and no proper roof. Conditions are so bad, the family all sleep in the living room in the freezing cold of winter. The bathroom is in shocking condition and needs to be completely renovated and adapted to the needs of the disabled boy and his wheelchair.

The father is a disabled war veteran but he is a hard worker and earns €200 per month working in a stone mine. The family receives €200 from social services to cover some of the costs of treatments and medication but they could never have enough money to improve their living conditions.

Together with Fr Slavko’s humanitarian aid charity, we want to help this family. A new concrete ramp will be provided. The outside of the house will be insulated, the bathroom renovated with wheelchair access and the apartment fitted with new windows, doors, floors etc. This work will cost €22,000 of which we need to find €11,000.

This work has now been completed.  The family can now live in comfort and pray daily for our kind donors and directors.

The bathroom was in a bad state and totally unsuitable for wheelchair access.

The bathroom has been completely renovated and adapted for a wheelchair.

Due to the cold, the family all slept together in the lounge area.  This bedroom was used for storage. Note the wheelchair which is used.

The whole apartment has been refurbished with new windows, doors, floors etc.  The bedrooms are now warm and used by the family. They are happy and pray for our donors who made this possible.

This work has been completed and the family can now live in comfort.  They pray daily for our kind donors and directors.