RAS Family

Mother and father live with their three children, two daughters aged 17 and 15 and a 13 year old son, in part of their old stone family house.  In the course of time, the father has managed to renovate the rooms and add a small kitchen and bathroom.

Unfortunately, the roof is in very poor condition and could collapse at any time.  Even though the father has a job and the mother helps neighbours in their gardens and fields, they do not have the means to fix/replace the roof.  The parents are diligent and the house is very clean and tidy. The children work hard to help the parents and are also good students. The eldest girl may need our support if she decides to attend university.

The roof is about to collapse

The kitchen/bathroom extension

Our builder advises that we replace the roof on the part of the house that they use.  Gutters also need to be fitted to collect the rain water, as they have no water supply.  Some walls need to be reinforced as they have large cracks. Cost estimate: €11.500 so our share will be €5,750.

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Part of this old house is still home to the family

Reinforcement needed for some walls due to cracks

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