Sar Family

A mother (68) lives with her grown children, daughter (30) and son (29), in an unfinished bare brickwork house deep in the mountains.  Their old family house was destroyed during the war and afterwards the father began to rebuild the house. Unfortunately, he died in 2008 and then a life of suffering began for the family. 

Until two years ago they lived in an apartment in Mostar and the son and daughter had steady jobs. They had problems with a neighbour up in the mountains who was using their land and claiming ownership.  A court case resulted in legal costs which they could not pay. Their apartment was confiscated, forcing them to move into the unfinished house in the mountains.

They lead a meagre existence, especially during the rough winter months.  Only two rooms were habitable. Mother and daughter slept on couches in the living room/kitchen area while the son used the bedroom. There was no bathroom and they had to use a pit latrine outside next to the tiny stable for the goats. 

Stone house, unfinished

Refurbishment underway

Unfinished brickwork – no insulation

Smart new facade – lovely home!

There was no drinking water in the house, but a neighbour helped.  Since the house had no facade/insulation, the walls of the rooms were black and mouldy and the furniture was falling apart. The daughter earns some money  in a coffee shop and the son is a construction worker. However, their wages barely cover their daily needs so they could not improve their living conditions without our help. 

Our builder has done the outside facade/insulation, a new bathroom with septic tank.  They now have drinking water and the living room/kitchen and bedroom have been renovated and furnished.  All of this work cost €9,500 which we shared with a local charity.  

If you would like to help with house refurbishment for a poor family, please donate online.  Just click the Donate Now button on the Home Page and chose to donate in £ or €. If you would like to contribute on a regular basis, please print a standing order form.  Without you, we are helpless.

Mouldy Walls in Lounge Area

After Decoration

Kitchen – see mould on walls

Newly decorated kitchen

Space for Bathroom

New bathroom