SUCCESS!!! Marathon run. Got medal. Still alive.

David Turner, 80 years old completes the London Marathon for the Mother’s Village Orphanage.


>Red Start Zone 9 meant I was right at the back of the queue when prince William and Co pressed the Start Horn. I reckon it took me 34 minutes to cross the STARTING line!

Thereafter, my 3/2 Run/Walk pace meant I spent three or so anxious hours in competition  with the COURSE CLOSED cars and Sweep-Up bus, with me being overtaken by them when I was walking and catching up again when I was running.

I had been dreading that I might not finish before the Course Closed and medal-missing time of 8 hours 15 mins.

But HOORAY. My unofficial personal finish time was 6 hours 48 minutes 02seconds! And even with the half-hour penalty at the start that put me almost AN HOUR ahead of the medal-missing cut-off.

My walk-run strategy left me fresh enough to be delivering outbreaks of proper running when the rest of my fellow Marathoners were reduced to an agonised walk. The crowd went wild….

Pubfulls of revellers chorused my name, bevies of beautiful damsels not only shouted, they CHANTED my  name. It was the Hat that did it. Maybe a dozen explicit references. But also to my shorts, even my legs. I have never heard my name so loudly, from the lips of so many thousands of people, in all my life.

It was intoxicating.

Thanks to the timing-chip in my shoe, and Mark’s i-Phone, MARK, PAUL, LUKE and MATTHEW managed to catch up with me at least FIVE  times, giving wonderful support. Even running for short stretches.

Now, the morning after, I am dauntingly stiff and sore. But I hope Mother’s Village and all at the Foundation will be satisfied with whatever these aches have achieved.