Sus Family

SUS Family live behind Krizevac, Cross Mountain (near Medjugorje)

A 90 year old mother lives with her son and daughter in an ancient house behind Krizevac.  This hill is very familiar to pilgrims to Medjugorje who climb the hill, praying the Way of the Cross as they struggle over huge rocks.  The son suffers from muscular distrophy but they only receive about €60 monthly in welfare benefits.  They receive some food from Sr Muriel’s organisation which is a blessing.  Sr Muriel (RIP) died in 2020 and her work will be taken over by Mary’s Hands this year.  The family has some income from their sheep which feed on the slopes of Krizevac.

The house is in a desolate condition as the roof has been leaking for years.  Mother and daughter sleep upstairs in one bedroom while the son sleeps in the living room.   There is no water in the house so they have to use a water tank to wash clothes and dishes.  They also have an outdoor toilet.

Our builder suggested a new roof, new floors, doors and windows, renovation of the bedroom, building a bathroom, providing a septic tank as well as connecting electricity and water.  The kitchen and stairs must be refurbished and new furniture is essential.  Cost estimate €21,000 to be shared equally between Arthur McCluskey Foundation and Fr Slavko’s humanitarian aid organisation.

Thanks to your kindness, our builder and his team achieved all that they wanted to do for the family.  A neighbour contacted us as the old lady has never asked for help of any kind.  They are overwhelmed by the total change in their home.  Their prayers will be offered daily for all our donors who made this possible.  Please view the photographs which tell the story of this family home.

Please donate if you would like to help another family living in dire circumstances.