Tata Family

A mother and father live with their four boys (13, 11, 10 and 3) and the father’s aunt (54) who is pysically disabled and just suffered a stroke.  They live in two dilapidated adjacent buildings.  In the larger building, a large room upstairs is being used as sleeping quarters for the entire family.  The aunt sleeps on a couch in the building next door.

On the ground floor, there are two rooms: a utility room that has no window, which leads into the living room.  There is no running water in this building.  The smaller building consists of the kitchen and bathroom.

Both buildings are in horrendous condition and the roofs are leaking.  Some of the walls are covered with moss and mould and all the rooms are humid and mouldy, causing a dreadful stench.  The ceilings consist of wooden planks and cardboard.  The roof of the smaller building looks like it will collapse at any moment.  To make matters worse, the chimney doesn’t work so when they use the stove, the kitchen fills with smoke that comes out between the tiles of the roof.  According to our builder, there is real danger of fire.

The father earns between €350 – €450 monthly so can‘t afford any renovatations.  Help is urgently needed.  Small house: new roof, rain gutter and chimney; complete renovation of bathroom and kitchen, breaking through the wall so that they have direct access to the bathroom.  Water and electricity to be connected to both rooms, insulation of walls, ceilings and floors, tiles on floors, new windows and doors; complete new kitchen and special bed for aunt. 

Large building: complete renovation of the two rooms on ground floor, breaking through wall for a window in first room, new windows and doors, insulation of walls, ceiling and floors; laminated floors, electricity installation and purchase of furniture.  Rain gutter to keep water away from walls.  Cost estimate approx €29,000 to be split with Fr Slavko’s aid organisation.

Please see photographs showing the house before and after refurbishment work.  If you would like to help to change a family’s life in this way, please donate on this website and tick Poor Family Support on the dropbox menu.  We thank our kind donors who made this work possible.