The Miracles Centre for Prosthesis & Care

The Miracles Clinic for Prosthetic Limbs opened in Mostar in May 2009. They plan to make and fit one limb each week as well as some corrections/adaptations. If they had more money, they could have two technicians working and help the thousands of people who are waiting for new limbs.

Even now, more than 25 years after the end of the Yugoslav war, there are estimated to be 79,000 landmines still in the ground in Bosnia Herzegovina. It is the most landmined country in the Northern Hemisphere. There is a genuine need for funds as there is very little financial help from local or national governments to assist with the prosthetic needs of amputees.

A new limb is life-changing for an amputee. Can you help us to raise funds to change a life?

Children need their prosthetics altered or remade every six months to accommodate growth. Without this regular support their prosthetic limbs become useless.