TOL Family

Father (1960) & Mother (1971) 

Mother and Father live with their four children aged 18, 16, 12 and 5 in a simple house.  The father is retired and earns about €300 monthly. The eldest daughter (18) has been ill since she was a baby and cannot move on her own.  She lies on a couch or is in a wheelchair all day and sleeps with her parents in a double bed. 

Several years ago, the father took a bank loan to build the ground floor which consists of a living room,  a bedroom for the parents and a second bedroom for the two boys and little girl. There is also a bathroom.  He then took another loan to build the upper floor and roof but was unable to finish when he ran out of funds.

The parents work hard.  The mother‘s main occupation is to take care of their sick daughter as she can never be left alone.  In addition, they are repaying the bank loan of €300 a month, which is the amount of their pension. They also receive about €200 a month invalidity pension for the paralysed child.

We were asked to insulate the roof, walls and floors.  Then our builder developed a staircase and completed two bedrooms upstairs for the boys as well as a new bathroom.  On the ground floor, the floors needed to be levelled for the wheelchair and the bathroom had to be adapted. Cost estimate:  €19,000. All the work has been completed with our 50% share being €8,500. Please see the invoice and photographs.

Tobacco drying upstairs.  Roof/walls/floor not insulated. Work in progress.

Space for bathroom on left.

Insulation work completed.

Upstairs bathroom preparation.

There are now two bedrooms upstairs for the boys.

Plus their very own NEW BATHROOM!